Meet the Artist

Vladimir Souline is the founder and Master Artist at Vizanti Jewelry Studio.

Vladimir has been working to perfect his craft for almost forty years, incorporating traditional techniques that have been passed down generations with the state-of-the-art latest technologies. Vladimir began on a seemingly divergent life path, earning a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Tomsk Polytechnic Institute in Russia. Despite this formal education, he always naturally gravitated toward the creative fields where he felt more comfortable. After taking a few lessons from his uncle, who specialized in jewelry hand-engraving, Vladimir found an apprenticeship in a Tomsk based jewelry workshop.

The immediate positive responses he received from customers for his natural talent motivated him build an extensive repertoire of skills at the jewelry bench. By 1975, Vladimir had found the ideal pursuit for a man with an engineer’s eye and an artist’s passion. 

Today, Vladimir works out of his studio in Bellevue.